Buying a New Home?

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Home Inspections Are the Key to saving you money!

Homebuyers in want to save their money as much as they can when buying their next home. Skipping out on Home Inspections and other “optional” costs may seem like a good idea, but sometimes they end up saving you money after the fact. Home inspections are not typically required for and can cost a few hundred dollars on average. However, it can potentially save a homebuyer thousands after the sale is made. Here are some benefits of home inspections:

Electrical & Wiring

Electrical features in both new and older homes can pose problems and are not easily detected during a walk-through. Outlets, light-fixtures, amperage and other factors may also be inspected to determine if electrical work needs to be done in the home.

Water Leaks

This can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage if not caught and dealt with properly. For example, it can result in wood rot, mould growth and other issues.. An inspector will review the home thoroughly to look for signs of a current or previous leak even those unknown to the previous owner.

HVAC Systems

Replacing your HVAC system can cost thousands, and be quite a headache if you don’t know as much as possible about the old one. The inspector can be able to provide the condition, its age, its need for maintenance and other factors. Best not to just assume it’s hunky-dory-fine if the temperature is decent during your walk through – especially since the weather has such a range. You want to be sure!

Structural Damage

Don’t just look for noticeable cracks in the foundation, get an inspector to look for signs of damage

that may require assistance from a structural engineer. Structural damage can from factors such as a settlement of soil and erosion. It can also potentially add thousands of dollars to your maintenance costs if left unfixed/ or if the damage is already severe.

The Roof Over Your Head

These can get quite costly when it comes to repairs/replacement. If it’s not in good condition, your roof can lead to energy inefficiency, allow pests to get in, result in water leaks and other issues. Your Home Inspection will let you know the condition, age, and other characteristics of your roof to better understand what you’d be looking at repair wise (if needed).

Getting a property inspector to look at your potential home is basically invaluable in helping you understand the underlying issues that aren’t easily visible during your walkthrough. If you are interested in buying a home soon or would like more information on property inspections and if it’s right for you, contact us today!

Why a REALTOR® Streamlines the Process of Selling Your Home

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So, it is time to move onwards and upwards in life and move house! Moving is a dynamic process that involves much more than a simple transaction. From marketing to proper evaluations and inspections, it is advisable to use the services of an experienced professional Realtor® to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The following challenges are what a professional can help you avoid when selling your home:

Time Spent on Potential Buyers

Selling a home by yourself will be a significant time commitment that should not be underestimated. Perhaps the greatest commitment to your time will be in scheduling and hosting viewings of your property. Are you ready and able to pick up the phone every time you have an inquiry? Are you able to sift out the simply curious from real potential buyers to avoid unnecessary viewings? Realtors® are experienced in asking the kind of qualifying questions that sort out the wheat from the chaff. And how many evenings, weekends, and weekday hours are you able to give up to show interested parties your home? You’ll then have to pro-actively follow up on interest after viewings.

Marketing and Valuation

As well as the time involved in doing your own marketing, there are also practical considerations around how successfully you will get the information out there. Yes, you can list your property on various websites and specialist portals that Realtors® use. However, Realtors® also have extended networks of active potential buyers that they will reach out to with information on your property, a channel you will almost certainly not have access to.

You would have to be confident that realistically you could value your property correctly if you chose to put your home on the market yourself. Things you may be oblivious to can be widely considered as flaws by potential buyers. A professional Realtor® has the experience to point those out and suggest small changes which will make your property more attractive.


Realtors® are both objective and experienced, having negotiated hundreds or thousands of real estate transactions. They know how to spot the signs a potential buyer has formed an emotional attachment towards your property and how to leverage that to your benefit. They also know how to spot signs of nervousness that might pose a threat to the eventual sale and how best to allay such fears. They won’t make compromises because they have been charmed by a prospective buyer, or behave irrationally because they don’t like them on a personal level.

Avoiding Getting Sued

This is a genuine concern that owners operating without a Realtor® must be acutely aware of. There is a lot of paperwork involved in the sale of a property. Getting it wrong can at best delay the sale and at worst lead to putting yourself in danger of legal proceedings. Seller’s disclosure is a particular concern. What can be considered a defect, hazard, or nuisance varies depending on where you live. Realtors® know exactly what is required of the seller. If a mistake is made, then they have insurance, ensuring that a seller does not personally suffer.

Home Decorating Tips – Spice Things Up with Serenity

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Named Serenity, this colour is a soft, soothing shade of light blue. Often relegated to baby boys’ nurseries, this calming colour is just as at home in other areas of your house. While that is still an excellent use of this hue, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate it into your home for a more modern look.

In the Bedroom

Because of the soothing nature of the Serenity colour, it is an ideal choice for the walls of your bedroom. The calming tone will help you get into a relaxed frame of mind at night, which can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep through the night. For your bedding, a crisp white or dark grey complements the colour nicely and will give your room a put-together feel. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and Serenity can help you achieve that motif.

In the Living Room

A sectional couch in Serenity or a similar shade of blue instantly becomes the focal point of your living room. The relaxing effect of this colour makes the room feel inviting for you and guests to your home. If the idea of a blue sofa is too much for you, try some throw pillows and a plush blanket to serve as accent pieces to tie the room together. Place several items throughout the room for a more cohesive look.

In the Dining Room

Many traditional dining rooms feature rich, dark woods that can have somewhat of a heavy feel. A rug in Serenity underneath your dining table can break up the darkness and give the room a lighter, more airy look. If your dining table is lighter in colour and more on the rustic side, Serenity is a perfect complement, keeping the look light and fresh.

There is no better time to think about redecorating than when you first move into a new home. Throughout the moving process, you can sort through your current decorative items and weed out the ones that do not have a place in your new home or no longer mesh with your personal taste and preferences. Then, you can start with a blank slate and rebuild your decor as you see fit. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we have the expertise to help you. Get in touch for more information!

The Scoop on Home Inspections

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A home inspection, while not required in all areas, should be an indispensable part of your home buying or selling process. It is worth the cost up front to save you money and headaches down the road.

What a Home Inspection Entails

A home inspector will provide a thorough inspection of the home’s interior and exterior to alert you to any damage that may cause potential problems in the future. He or she will look at the house as a whole and evaluate how the different components work together and affect each other. The inspector will identify any areas that need repairs or are unsafe and advise you on what your next steps should be.

Benefits for a Home Buyer

When you are purchasing a home, you want to know that it is going to be safe for you and your family for many years to come. Obviously, you don’t want to buy a home that is rotting from the inside out. A home inspector can alert you to issues that are minor right now but could potentially become much more serious in the future. Purchasing a home is a major decision. The results of the inspection may lead you to reconsider buying a particular house if it is likely to have a lot of problems in the future. It can protect you from huge unexpected expenses.

Benefits for a Home Seller

If you are the one selling the home, it is a good idea to request a home inspection prior to listing your home on the market. Potential buyers of your home are likely to have an inspection done, and you don’t want there to be any surprises. If there are issues with the house, buyers may rescind their offers or make offers only on the condition that you repair the problems before they finalize the purchase. It is better if you know about any problems in advance. An inspection gives you the opportunity to make sure the house is in its best possible condition when buyers start coming to look at it. This will streamline the purchasing process and make potential buyers feel much more confident that your home is the right choice for them.

INSIGHTFUL and proper representation is key when buying and selling property. Scot Rose has over 15 years of full time, full-service real estate experience. The Team will give you results that show how experience and coordination of vital services can make a difference to YOU! We have the Experience, we have the Plan, and we make the Results happen! Get in touch to have the Team help YOU buy or sell your Calgary home today!

The Pros and Cons of Home Warranties

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How to Assess Whether or Not You Need One

Home warranties are used to protect new owners from the costs associated with unforeseen repairs in their new house or condo. Like most costs associated with buying a new home, a warranty is one people don’t discuss until afterwards and is one nobody can agree on whether or not it’s necessary. There are benefits and drawbacks to buying a home warranty, for both buyers and sellers, and the decision changes drastically based on circumstances.

Peace of Mind When Buying an Older  Home

Old homes may be less expensive than new homes, but older homes will also have older appliances and foundations. Every warranty company and plan is different, but these are the things a home warranty will protect against. The cost of replacing all the appliances in a home is something that most people could never afford right after paying for the house, so the idea of a significantly cheaper warranty helps them rest easy at night knowing they are covered if something breaks down.

Don’t Expect Complete Repairs

While a home warranty looks good on the surface, especially considering how expensive brand new appliances can be, there are catches. Some people are shocked to learn that when their appliance breaks they will only be receiving a repair and not a new machine. Every company has different criteria for what warrants a new appliance, but in most cases they will do whatever they can to get the old appliance back in running order so that they won’t have to pay for a new one.

Warranties are not Just for Buyers

Home warranties are also available to sellers to cover any unexpected costs associated with the sale. Everything may appear like it’s going smoothly, but sometimes sales fall through at the last possible second or the closing is delayed for unforeseen circumstances. A home warranty can cover the seller for all the costs associated with this disaster, including legal fees, accommodations, moving and storage as well as bank, mortgage and interest payments.

Some Homes Will Have A Warranty Included

In order to make their home stand out and be more attractive to potential buyers, some sellers will make a deal with a warranty company to include the coverage in the cost of the home. Additionally, some REALTORS® may include the cost of warranty as a bonus when the home closes. Before shopping around with different insurers, all buyers should double check that the cost of the warranty isn’t already being covered by another party. This is especially true for new homes.

If the idea of home warranties has you confused and you really aren’t sure whether or not you need one, it will be best to speak with a professional real estate agent. We can tell you more about home warranties and why they may be right, or wrong, for your new home. Every situation is different and if you provide us with more information we can help you decide whether or not a home warranty is right for you. 

Three Space-saving Upgrades That Will Give a Smaller Home a More Roomy Feel

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Giving a Smaller Home a More Roomy Feel

Smaller rooms can create a decorating challenge for homeowners. While some may be dealing with a space that is smaller overall – such as a condo or apartment – others may have just a couple of smaller rooms that look and feel cramped. While enlarging these rooms may not be an option, there may be a few upgrades to consider that can give these rooms a more spacious and open feel.


Light Paint Colours

Dark colours can add dramatic flair to a room, and they certainly will make a bold statement. However, they also can create the feeling that the room is smaller than it is. It is best to paint with light paint colours on the walls or even to choose a lighter colour for the ceiling. In addition to these colours, a lighter floor colour can also add the feeling of depth to space. If the use of bolder, brighter hues is preferred, consider adding a pattern in combination with lighter colours to the ceiling. Another idea is to use stripes with alternating darker and lighter hues on the walls to create the illusion of space.


Shelving Installed Close to the Ceiling

Storage space is often a concern with smaller rooms, and cabinets and bookshelves can take up valuable floor space in any room. A smart idea for smaller rooms is to install shelving or even cabinetry closer to the ceiling. This can enable the space below it to be kept open or to be used for other purposes, such as for other furnishings that must be kept on the floor.


Recessed or Flush Lighting

Lighting is an important element in any room, and brighter lighting can make a space look larger in many situations. Darker shadows cast about a room can make the space feel closed off. More than that, overhead lights that hang down, such as pendants or chandeliers, can create a visual illusion that makes the room feel smaller than it is.

To achieve the goal of casting light throughout the room more evenly while removing these hanging light fixtures from the space, install recessed or flush lights into the ceiling. These can be combined with small table lamps if necessary to brighten up any areas that may still be dark or shadowy. Avoid tall, imposing lamps when decorating a smaller room.

Decorating a smaller room is rarely easy to do, and there are many things that homeowners can do when decorating that actually may make a smaller room appear to be even smaller. These are a few tips that can be followed to make the space appear to be more roomy and spacious, but there are also other ideas for decorating as well as built-in upgrades to consider. Ideally, the fully decorated room will be stylish and functional as well as appear to be spacious.

With proper research and planning, a homeowner can achieve the desired results. Be sure to continue to read my blog for more great ideas and insight on how to maximize your home. When looking to sell, trust me to get the job done and get started with a FREE home evaluation today!

In Need of Mortgage Advice?

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5 Tips for Finding the Right Mortgage Professional for Your Needs

5 Tips for Finding the Right Calgary Mortgage Professional for Your Needs

Finding the perfect Calgary home is only the first step in the journey towards home ownership. The next step is a financial one and comes with many questions: Is the home being bought with cash or is a mortgage needed? Will the buyer be using a mortgage broker or going through a bank? If those questions don’t have definitive answers then maybe it’s time to turn to a mortgage professional for help. Here are five things to think about when searching for the right mortgage professional.

Talk to Recent Homeowners about Their Experience

Some people have negative experiences when buying a home, but most of them loved the team they assembled and would recommend them to anybody who asked. One of the best ways to find a mortgage professional is to talk to friends and family members who have bought a home in the last few years about their experience. It’s the easiest way to get honest feedback and everybody who loved their Calgary mortgage professional will be more than eager to share that information.

Meet with a Wide Variety of Professionals

The best way to get to know somebody is to meet face to face. Websites, ads and personal recommendations can only reveal so much about a person and nobody can know how much they connect until meeting firsthand. Make sure not to jump the gun and settle after the first meeting, it’s important to talk to as many professionals as possible to make sure the right choice is being made.

Ask for a History of Lenders They do Business With

Mortgage brokers receive a fee from the bank or financial institution where the mortgage is set up. This is to be expected but it can lead to a broker giving preferential treatment to a lender that gives out a larger fee. A professional who does business with many different banks will probably look out for the client’s interest more than one who only does business with one or two financial institutions.

Look for a Professional with Years of Experience

The real estate market in Canada has gone through a massive boom in the last ten years, which resulted in plenty of people switching their professional focus to capitalize on the increased work. This is why mortgage brokers are so popular across the country now, which has benefits and drawbacks. The benefit is that the buyer has more choice.

Make Sure They Have Experience in the Community

Make sure any mortgage broker is local and has experience in the community, just because it’s the buyer’s first time doesn’t mean it should be their broker’s first time. Buying a new home can be scary and stressful, but if you’re surrounded with the right team it can be the seamless experience that other people brag about.

Have questions or would like more advice on buying your home in the Calgary area? Get in touch with Scot today. INSIGHTFUL and proper representation is key when buying and selling property. Scot Rose has over 15 years of full time, full-service real estate experience. The Team will give you results that show how experience and coordination of vital services can make a difference to YOU!

How to Craft an Offer That Will Ensure You’re the Winning Buyer

Wed, 27 Jun by Redman Team

Buying a Home?

With today’s real estate market, it’s not uncommon for a family to find the perfect home only to find out that their offer was not selected. It can be devastating, but especially frustrating if there is no way to discover why the offer wasn’t accepted. What was it that made the difference? Some buyers are really crafty when they submit an offer and use some tiny tricks that make their deal hard to ignore. Here are some ways to make sure any real estate offer is the first one considered.

Keep it Simple for the Seller

When the real estate market is slow and there aren’t many offers rolling in, the buyers have their pick of homes and can make deals or add clauses to the contract that benefit themselves. It wasn’t uncommon for a buyer to make an offer for a home that included a term dictating that they would need to sell their own home first. In some cases, any requests like this will automatically disqualify a potential homebuyer from a bidding war. Why would a seller agree to this if somebody else is willing to buy right now?

One-Up the Competition with a Pre-Approved Mortgage

There is nothing worse than agreeing to sell a home only to discover the buyer does not get approved for a mortgage and then it’s back to square one. As a buyer, a quick way to move to the top of the list is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This proves to the seller that if they accept the offer the home will more likely change hands and the deal will go through, it also has the added benefit of allowing the buyer to know exactly how much they can put down in advance.

Discover and Include the Seller’s Needs

Everybody has a reason for selling their home and some are more time-sensitive than others. A real estate professional will be able to find out exactly why the home is being sold and see if there’s any helpful information that can help when crafting the deal. For instance, some sellers have a closing date that they desperately need to hit and may be willing to accept a lower offer if it is guaranteed to meet that date.

Some Extra Incentives Won’t Hurt

Sometimes the seller will end up looking at multiple offers that are all for similar amounts. At that point, some tiny incentives might make the difference between a winning or losing bid.

Every community is different and every seller has different criteria that need to be met in order for them to accept an offer. By teaming up with a professional REALTOR® you will have somebody working with you to find out what the seller is looking for and what you can do to sweeten the deal and put it above any competition. Let Scot Rose help you find your dream home and craft the winning bid today!


Top 10 Things to do Before you Sell Your Home

Tue, 19 Jun by Redman Team

If you are considering selling your house, there are a number of things you will need to do. Selling a home involves much more than just posting ads in local newspapers and setting up a “For Sale” sign on your lawn. If you want to get the best price for your home, you need to plan the sale strategically, make a concerted effort to showcase your property in the best light and ensure it gets a lot of visibility.

Here are top 10 things to do before you sell your home. While some of these things are pretty simple, others may take some effort. But you will find it’s all worth the trouble once you find buyers complimenting you on the way your house looks and how well it’s maintained. Hopefully, this will also act as a catalyst to get a good price for your home.  


  1. Look for a credible and experienced real estate agent

Many sellers believe they would be able to sell their house themselves and save the commission they would have otherwise paid to an agent. This may seem pretty tempting at the time, especially if it’s a seller’s market, but it’s best not to take that route. It’s not uncommon for these “for sale by owners” transactions to go awry and you will only end up losing time and money.


While working with a real estate agent is definitely beneficial, you need to be prudent and choose the right professional. It’s never a good idea to hire someone blindly just because a friend has used that agent’s services in the past. It’s important that you conduct some research and identify a few local real estate agents that are experienced and reliable. Interview a few of them to determine who would be the right fit.


  1. Improve the curb appeal of your home

If you were out shopping for something, would you step into a store that had a drab display window or a poorly-maintained, unappealing frontage- most likely not. Making a good first impression matters a great deal, and this is why you need to focus on how the exterior of your home looks. Make some simple changes/additions that will improve the external appearance of your home and the entrance.


Mow the lawns, trim and prune the bushes and plants, make sure there is no debris or dirt lying around and place a few attractive potted plants near the entrance to your home. A fresh coat of paint or polish to can do wonders for your front door. All of these may seem like very basic and simple things, but they go a long way in improving the curb appeal of your home.


  1. Get rid of all the clutter

When you are getting your house ready to show, keep in mind that less is more. Get rid of all the excess things in your home. Go through the closets, cabinets and all other possible storage spaces and do a thorough spring clean if you must. Either donate or dispose of things you don’t need or haven’t used for a very long time. Cluttered spaces will only mar the beauty of your home and won’t give potential buyers a clear idea of what the house looks like. Curious buyers are apt to open kitchen cabinets and drawers, closets etc. to check whether there is sufficient space for their things. Clearing the clutter before you put your house up for sale means you have one less thing to take care of when you finally move.


  1. Remove all other distractions

Just as clutter can distract potential buyers from actually looking at all the indoor spaces and the features and installations in it, personal items such as photographs and other memorabilia also act as distractions. It’s important that you de-personalize all the indoor spaces. If there are any bold or eccentric furniture pieces or artwork, its best to either remove or replace them with something less eye-catching. The idea is to create a blank canvas so prospective buyers will be able to visualize their own things in that space.


  1. Give the walls a new look

If you have bright and bold wall colors or have an accent/feature wall, consider getting the rooms painted in subtle colors. While you may love that turquoise blue wall in your bedroom, a potential buyer may not take a fancy to it. Sometimes, features such as these or decorative elements in bold styles and themes can prove to be a turn-off and can impact the sale.


Neutral colors and subtle wall color shades are a much safer option as it’s rare for people to hate them. The light colors lend expansiveness to the space and give buyers the chance to envision how the rooms would look in the colors they like.


  1. Do a thorough touch up

Even if you aren’t getting the entire house repainted, make it a point to refinish or repaint scuff marks on walls, doors, and baseboards. This will give your home a well-maintained look.


  1. Fix things that don’t work as they should

Make sure that all the handles and doorknobs aren’t loose, no hinges are coming off cabinets and that there are no loose floorboards or step boards. Discerning buyers will notice all these seemingly small things; it will set them wondering as to what other things in the house are damaged or don’t work; and this is something you want to avoid.


  1. Add a few special touches

While it’s best to remove embellishments such as décor pieces and extra furniture, it’s a good idea to add some plants to the indoor spaces of your home. You can also place vases with colorful, fresh flowers on the dining table or a sideboard. These will lend a very pleasant, welcoming look to the space.


It’s a good idea to consider staging. Home staging professionals will carefully evaluate the current condition of the home, the items in the indoor and outdoor areas and determine which of these will help create a great first impression on the buyers. They may also recommend that you rent/purchase a few items or may reorganize the furniture etc. to achieve a more appealing look. Want to sell your Calgary home? Get started with a FREE HOME EVALUATION by Calgary Realtor®, Scot Rose. 

Why you Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Buy a House

Tue, 12 Jun by Redman Team

Buying a house and all the planning that surrounds the process can be exciting yet very taxing, and this is something prospective buyers need to prepare for. Regardless of whether it’s shopping for houses or preparing to get a mortgage, a mistake when purchasing a property can only lead to numerous future headaches.

Most properties that are for sale will have agents representing the sellers and they are called seller’s agents or listing agents. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the seller gets a good deal and that their best interests are protected.

If you are the buyer, how can you make sure that your best interests are being protected? That’s not very difficult- hire a buyer’s agent! There are a number of reasons why you should you work with a good buyer’s agent when purchasing a house. This person will look out for your interests and help ensure you get the best deal possible. Here are some reasons you need to hire a real estate agent to buy a house:


  1. It’s free

This is one of the most obvious reasons to work with a buyer’s agent when purchasing a property. There are very few instances in which it costs you money to hire an estate agent while buying a house. Sometimes, in a sale by owner (FSBO) circumstance, the seller may not be willing to pay the agent’s commision and this is when that cost passes on to you. While this is a very rare scenario, it’s important that you be aware of this possibility. But 99.9% of the times, if you are the buyer, it’s free for you to hire a buyer’s agent.


  1. They are knowledgeable

Whether you are purchasing your first house or the fifth, it’s very likely that you don’t actually look at various properties on a daily basis. In comparison, credible and well-established buyer’s agent looks at literally dozens of houses every single day. This means they know exactly which red flags to look out for when viewing properties. Identifying existing/potential pest problems, leakages, and structural issues before you even consider buying a house, is the best way to avoid problems and heavy expenses in the future.


  1. Local knowledge

Every real estate market has its own distinct quirks and personality so to speak. These markets can vary significantly from one city/town to the next and there can be a vast variation in neighbourhoods too. This makes it crucial to have a good understanding of the local market. A buyer’s agent understands the intricacies and nuances of the local market. It’s a good idea to work with a real estate agent with local knowledge as they can help you save a pretty penny on your home purchase.


  1. Evaluating and securing financing

The real estate financing landscape can be extremely complex and confusing. A buyer’s agent will help with evaluating and securing financing that is best-suited for your circumstances. They will provide you detailed information about all the financing options, which helps you make a more informed decision.


  1. Coordinate showings

Coordinating a showing isn’t an easy task for you as the buyer. But a good real estate agent will be well-versed in this aspect. They will be responsible for planning and coordinating the viewings of various potential properties. This gives you the opportunity to view all the potential properties you are interested in if they are available.


  1. Navigating the paperwork

A good agent will know how real estate contracts need to be written. Even if you have purchased homes in the past, it’s unlikely you are conversant with the nitty-gritty of real estate contracts. But the agent will know all the ins & outs of the contracts, how they should be written, the deadlines that have to be met and what the other important components of the contract are.


  1. Access to different professionals

When your real estate transaction is being finalized, there are a number of professionals that are required such as a home inspector, a mortgage originator and a real estate attorney, and a handful of other professionals. A real estate agent will have business connections with these several professionals from all these categories that they can recommend to you.


  1. Handle negotiations

Most homeowners aren’t very confident in negotiating their offer price for a home they have liked. However, when you hire a real estate agent, they negotiate on your behalf. For instance, if a particular property that you are planning to buy is overpriced, they will complete a comprehensive comparative market analysis to identify and prove that the property is overpriced. And this gives you the leverage you need while negotiating a lower price.


  1. On schedule transactions

While there can be delays in real estate transactions, it’s not something you would like to deal with. Delays can be frustrating to you as well as all the other parties involved. When you hire a real estate agent, it’s highly likely that your transaction will stay on track with the schedule. There are a number of different reasons why there can be delays in a real estate transaction and many of these can be easily avoided when you hire an experienced buyer’s agent.


  1. Helps you maintain objectivity

Buying a property has an emotional aspect and that can distract you from being objective. For example, if you have taken a fancy to a particular home, you may be more likely to look only at the pros. Emotion has no place in a real estate deal; you need to maintain objectivity, understand what all the pros and cons of a property are before making your final decision. A real estate agent can act as an emotional filter at this time. They have no emotional attachment to a property that you may be interested in. This means they can keep you on track and avoid making a rash decision.

As you can see, there are a number of good reasons for hiring an experienced local real estate agent. Get started with a FREE HOME EVALUATION today! I will look out for your interests while you are making this sizeable investment.


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